What is Rapid Assault? Rapid Assault is an online tactical shooter played in huge maps where infantry and armor populate the battlefields in action-packed scenarios based on historical WWII battles. Put your spray and pray games away and jump into the realism of Rapid Assault!

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Online Tactical Shooter Rapid Assault combines infantry and armor on many of the available maps. Dash off Higgins boats and storm the cliffs at “Dog Green” with murderous German LMG fire all around. Command a Tiger against Shermans while keeping a sharp eye for American infantry armed with bazookas.

‘D-Day’ Bonus Pack Pre-order the first map pack for Rapid Assault. This pack includes 3 terrains and 6 scenarios including “Dog Green” and “Up the Draw” played on historically accurate maps. This pack also bundles all bonus infantry weapons and bonus armored vehicles.

Rapid Assault Features

  • No Monthly Subscription
  • Fast Action Tactical Shooter
  • Objective-Based, Infantry & Vehicle Play
  • Death Match, Staged Capture & Defense, Movable Spawns & More
  • Up to 64 Players per Map
  • Team-Based, Sim/Shooter Hybrid
  • Combined Infantry & Armor Maps
  • Iconic Battles on Historical Maps
  • 1st & 3rd Person View
  • Vehicle Command Control System
  • Personal & Team Scoring w/ Achievements

    Multiple types of games are included with Rapid Assault including Death Match, Push, Capture and Defense objectives. Also featured are games with linked objectives which trigger stages of a scenario by modifying weapon lists, spawn locations and game timers. We also include popular betting games such as online poker, keno, rummy, and many more. So that people can bet on their favorite game, which is a fun, easy way to engage with the game and socialize. But players need to understand the process of the game, so they can easily and quickly win money. For that, check the vakioveikkaus guide and maximize your chances of winning with standard betting. Some games have special objectives that provide a temporary advantage to one team.

Fast action is at the heart of Rapid Assault. Jump into a game with our quick join and quick create functions. You’ll be joined by other players in seconds for the map start. All scenarios are designed for fast action but they also provide a lot challenge with 4 different game modes.

Rapid Assault features many different terrains/maps which host various game scenarios. Some scenarios are built for instant action 8 vs 8 while others are multiple objective scenarios on huge maps that support up to 64 players. Many of the terrains are instantly recognizable as iconic WWII battles as shown above with this in-game map of “Dog Green” scenario.

Rapid Assault features both a 1st and 3rd person view system with a simple command control systems for all armor. This system makes operation intuitive but mastering your tank of choice on the battlefield is a challenge with each unit built on accurate historical data and component-based damage models.

Terrains are highly detailed in Rapid Assault for both infantry and armor play. Trees are now on the list of destructible objects allowing players to crash through forests to force an attack. This will also get you noticed by your enemy so beware. Play on the beaches of Dog Green sector, up the draw and even inland town to town fighting in the first Rapid Assault pack titled, “D-Day”.* * * * *

Free Registration for Beta!

Free registration is now underway for the Rapid Assault Beta. We are currently running a Founders Beta which is open only to players who have pre-ordered the “D-Day” pack now available for $29.99.

A limited number of slots are available for the upcoming Open Beta at no charge. Register now and you could be selected when it begins.

Rapid Assault Founders Beta Underway

Our Founders Beta is available only to players who pre-order Rapid Assault’s first scenario pack, “D-Day”. Founders get the first look at features, maps and new scenarios as the game moves towards Open Beta. Want in? Simply pre-order the “D-Day” Bonus pack for $29.99 and you get immediate access to the Beta.