The Best CS:GO Strategy – Rush Or Play It Slow?

Both rushing and playing it slow have downsides. The first tactic we’ll cover is peeking, which if you’re a new player might sound a little alien to you, but it is as simple as it sounds.

In CS:GO peeking refers to the maneuver where a player takes a quick glimpse of an angle or corner, without opening themselves up to a barrage of enemy bullets. Peeking is usually used to gain information without committing to an all out fire fight.

Simply peeking around a wall gives the peeker a considerable advantage on the opponent that is holding the wall, as much more of their body is open to attack.

There are various forms of peeking, but the main ones are gathering information and backing out, or glancing around a corner and firing off a few shots, or tossing out a flashbang or smoke grenade. This method of peeking is referred to as ‘Shoulder peeking.’

This should result in your opponent backing off, as you have clear vision on them, and they have no idea who might be hiding behind that wall with you. Plus, the bullets flying at them and thick cloud of smoke is another incentive to get out.

Once they retreat you can pass this information onto your teammates and decide what to do from there. It’s vital to keep peeking in mind, even if you want to go for a more aggressive playstyle remember that running in will result in you lying flat on the ground with a million holes in you.

Whether you choose to play aggressively or not is entirely dependent on you though. Some people are naturally better at being on the offense or defense. You might think that the guy dancing around your enemies, flinging out grenades and darting out of danger looks awesome, but perhaps stick to the back if you have incredible sniping skills but panic in close quarter combat.

Also make sure that you have a good defensive strategy laid down. A quick smoke grenade thrown in a doorway can guarantee that no one will try and enter via that passage if you’re taking the site, or at least it should do as it anyone does step into it you can open fire on them.

Likewise, if you and your team are on the offensive a well thrown flashbang can blind the enemy team, making team easy pickings. So, get plenty of practice in with these to gain a great advantage.

Overall it really comes down to the situation. Practice, practice and practice. Eventually you’ll know instinctively if you need to play a little more aggressively or take things a bit slower, and if you can’t keep sight of your enemies at least keep sight of you team, communicate with them often so you don’t get caught off guard and taken out.

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