The Best (And Worst) Guns To Use In CS:GO

The best


The accuracy on this is incredible and it also hits like a truck (and it has some sick skins too!), although you need to be careful if going to a stealthier approach, as the noise from it means you might as well be carrying a blaring fog horn around with you. Also the recoil can ruin your accuracy over time, so it’s better to use this gun in short and controlled bursts.


Notorious for its high risk high reward playstyle, this gun will grant an instakill on a shot above the waist and is one of the best weapons available for a sniper. That being said, you need a lot of practice to become truly good at it. Firing whilst moving makes this gun ridiculously hard to hit with, as does shooting without use of the scope. The final downside is that it has a slow rate of fire, which means that your opponent can use the time it takes you to reload to either escape or kill you.


This is the perfect gun for when you want to dart around the battlefield. The fact that it has no tracers is excellent for shooting targets in smoke, because they cannot see where you’re firing from, plus decent firepower and low recoil are always nice. That being said, it does have a lower rate of fire than most assault rifles, and a low magazine size.

The worst

R8 Revolver

On release this gun was amazing, you really did not need any other. Now however the initial shot is painfully slow, the second shot however fans the hammer, making it hard to hit anything, even with lots of practice. Plus, it also the most expensive handgun, as well as the heaviest (Even heavier than many primary weapons.)

Dual Berettas

Unloading a burst of bullets from two pistols might sound tempting, but these guys are not half as good as they first appear. With a high rate of fire and plenty of ammo it’s easier to see why you might like them, but  their accuracy really lets them down, along with a long reload time and being extremely pricey.


Anything the PP-Bizon can do other SMG’s do better. Sure it holds 64 bullets, which is quite a hefty amount, but it also has very poor damage and low accuracy, so even when you by some miracle do manage to put a few bullets into someone, then it will still be barely more than a flesh wound! Of course in some circumstances it can kill someone, if you’re 2 feet behind them, and unloading into their head…And they’re AFK. Seriously, just pick a different gun.

When all is said and done almost any gun can be useful with enough practice, but hopefully this list will help you separate the guns that truly excel, from the ones that are kind of garbage.

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