League Of Legends Strategies | Rush To Win Or Slow & Steady?

When asking this sort of question the first thing we need to consider is the team composition (and if the enemy team suck and just decided to buy a LoL account).

Each team composition has different power spikes at different points in the game. For example, a hard engage comp tends to fare better when they can group early on and start snowballing the game with their team fighting potential, before their opponents can get too many kills off them.

On the other hand, if you’re running a protect the carry comp with Champions like Janna, Orianna and Nautilus, then you usually want to turtle up until you hit the late game.

Another element you need to be aware of is your individual Champions power spike. Whilst “Don’t play to win, play to not lose.”  Might be good advice, it needs to be taken with a heap of salt. Sure, dying can really set you back, but if you’re playing a Champion like Irelia and you’re about to pick up a Trinity force, then not taking a kill where you could have can be almost as bad as dying.

It’s important to look for plays wherever you can, even if you’re playing a late game Champion. And if you’re ahead finish off your opponent as quickly as possible. If they’re lay before you and weakened, go in for the kill. Don’t stand around slapping their face and taunting them because chances are they’ll get back up and beat you down instead.

And, it’s not only your power spikes you need to consider, but your Junglers too. If you have someone like Malphite in the Jungle who can’t gank before 6, but your opponent has someone like Shaco, then take that into consideration and do not engage if you do not know precisely where Shaco is.

When it comes down to most of your Solo Queue games though whether you want to play aggressively or not is entirely dependent on the scenario. Some people will play far too aggressively and that of course can lead to defeat, but what is less easy to spot is a player playing too passively.

They have a nice clean kill to death ratio, but when you engage an easy fight they sit back farming minions. A lot of these issues can be rectified by watching your replays, and talking to yourself whilst playing.

It may sound ridiculous but having a monologue about why you’re doing what you’re doing can really help you see the game more clearly, and make less slip ups.

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